Our services fall neatly into four “action” categories – Prepare, Assess, Develop, and Align. However, they don’t reside in silos. Based on a client’s needs – current and future – they flow seamlessly into one another to make Ampersand a true business partner and trusted advisor.



Organizational Scorecard: Lock down the full suite of capabilities needed for an organization to meet desired growth objectives and outline what its leaders must accomplish in the time period established.

100 Day Plan: Create value by aligning leadership team roles with the growth strategy. Operationalize findings from early diligence by way of a comprehensive plan to implement day one post-close.



Executive Diligence: Evaluate critical leaders (those already on the team and external targets) to identify strengths, risks, and capacity to deliver against strategic goals.

Organizational Survey: When time is of the essence, leverage leadership team data to answer your specific questions about organizational capabilities and team dynamics. A firm grounding in Ampersand’s Value Creation model allows us to pinpoint areas to test further during diligence or immediately post-close.

Organizational Diligence: We believe future, strategy-driven improvements are based on incisive analysis. That’s why our starting point is a clear understanding of an organization’s current state. The capabilities of M&A targets are evaluated against Ampersand’s Value Creation Model to fully-inform decision-making throughout the investment lifecycle.



Executive Development: Identify and systematically grow top talent to prepare the organization for future business opportunities and critical succession needs.

Organizational Development: Establish the best starting point for tomorrow’s improvements based on understanding your organization today. Leverage keen analysis and recommendations to advance stakeholder partnerships, sharpen team performance, enhance engagement, and create robust developmental pathways.

Executive Coaching: Facilitate high-impact one-on-one development for CEOs and senior executives.

Succession Planning: Identify high-potentials, detect individual and organizational talent gaps, build capacity and competence.



Executive Onboarding: With significant investment made hiring top talent, failing to support assimilation creates unnecessary risk. We help facilitate immersion in the organization and prevent “organ rejection.”

Strategic Team Building: Ensure the organization is supported by a shared commitment to achieving stated goals and close collaboration on the part of its leaders. Through data-driven, actionable, and sustainable team development (often leveraging diligence assessment), we help unify leadership teams and craft a path forward – a path all agree to take.

Board Alignment & Selection: Surveys the board’s abilities and accomplishments and recommends a course of action members can align around and follow through on. Facilitates an objective, well-thought process to identify, vet, and assess candidates for board positions.

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