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You Think.

You Think.

There can be no question
about the people who do—and will—
lead your company.
is your connection to certainty.

Implementing strategy, delivering aggressive growth, and exceeding investors’ expectations depend on the performance of top talent.

Do they have the right skills? Do they bring a proven track record of success? Do they align? Can they scale as the business grows? In short, are they built for leadership?

The answers allow no room for guesswork.

Our Offerings: Comprehensive Guidance

The ampersand is the iconic symbol of connection. In other words, we come by our name honestly. You can see it in our services. The key ingredient: diagnosing organizational and leadership pain points and then implementing a cure for them. On the menu: organizational and executive diligence; a standard-setting, high-potential development process; interventions that range from individual coaching to team development and succession planning; and creating alignment amongst those who develop and execute against the organization’s strategy.

Our Clients: Who, What, Why

We collaborate with investors, boards, and executive teams of organizations that span the country, the globe, and a rich variety of sectors: from retail to industrial, financial services to media, and private equity to healthcare. See exactly Who They Are, What We Have Accomplished With Them, and Why They Choose Ampersand.

Our Team: Leaders Know Leaders

People are your company’s strength. People are our company’s strength. To put it simply, we understand leadership because we are proven professionals with an unwavering commitment to integrity, trust, respect, candor, creativity, flexibility, confidence, and authenticity. All the things you look for in a leader.

Our Goals: Leaning Forward


Impelling senior leaders & organizations to reach their full potential.


Transforming the world through better leadership.


Creating impact, with excellence; deep & trusting relationships; & growth.